Wednesday, May 5, 2010

non-standard flavors

why don't we have more real flavors in foods instead of fake flavors like doritos and oreos and diet doctor pepper? here are some things i would like to see in vending machines:
  • savory mushroom/bacon fiber bars (yes i made this up)
  • dried/roasted/salted chick peas or peas
  • mango lassi with spinach blended in as a canned drink
  • fresh lime soda (club soda with lime and salt)
  • those to die for individual packs of sunsweet prunes
  • brussel sprout halves
  • coconut water

1 comment:

Lilac - Like The Flower said...

--hummus. everywhere. with carrot sticks

-- bananas. nature's power bar.

-- packets of salad dressing that is not designed to eliminate the taste of veggies

-- small bags of dates.