Monday, May 17, 2010

personality type variant: demotivated clipboard people

in a conversation with l today, it became clear i'd failed to properly explain that 60% of clipboard people are actually demotivated clipboard people who don't actively track anything. a GOOD clipboard is someone who does in fact keep the virtual clipboard updated and schedules meetings and ensures that things are getting done. it's annoying but necessary to keep the non automated parts of the corporate machine running. when alerts no longer work, and outlook fails to organize, the clipboard person is your friend.

a demotivated clipboard person probably has their job because that's what they were relegated to do. behind every demotivated clipboard who accomplishes anything there is an excessively anal retentive manager who asks them to do exactly to the letter what they are asked. in ma

ny ways, the demotivated clipboard is *very* similar to the majority of people i worked with in indian call centers. if you don't tell them to the letter what to do, they will not do it. sample: email jane and find out about ___. 2 weeks later. did you email so and so? answer: yes i did and they didn't reply! er, thanks.

for the demotivated clipboard: a series of deadlines and guaranteed follow up is the only assurance you have that they will do their job. otherwise, you're basically paying them to escape from their family for 8 hours a day while gossiping, flirting, surfing the web and whatever the hell else it is that demotivated clipboard people do.

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Lilac - Like The Flower said...

Hmm. Yes. I think we have a fair few highly motivated but fundamentally inept people. it's hard because they seem to take offense when you imply they are stupid in any way. And that includes both providing detailed instructions and exposing their lack of ability. they are super fun.

Meanwhile, I should post about the time I asked a clipboard what she did... it was hilarious.