Saturday, May 22, 2010

Still Double Checking

The other day, I found a spider on the under side of the toilet roll. This, naturally, didn't please me. I actually admit to getting another roll, and letting the arachnid go off on his way. Bonus points for not screaming. I'm no bug person. 

But, since then, I tend to check the toilet paper before I use it, in case it's being used by a bug. Odds are good that I will never again see a bug on a toilet roll again, ever.  I haven't in 32 years - why start now? And let's face it - I've had ample opportunity. This is hardly an unusual set of circumstances. Maybe spiders tend to dislike Quilted Northern. 

I keep reflecting, as I eye the underside of that toilet paper, on how often we do this in life. At work, at home - the problem, the competition, the entertainment is usually NOT where we last found it. Cheese is moved. Things change. And yet, we keep looking for the spider on the toilet paper, when, as I learned later, it decided to move into the shower. 

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