Saturday, May 22, 2010

the sum of all 24's **spoiler alert**

The 4th and 3rd to last 24 episode leading up to the series finale of this show have been Jack Bauer at his absolute very best. Was he devious? Hell yeah. He played right into the enemy's hands when he set a trap for them with him and Meredith Reed as bait at a crowded mall. He stuck a bug on Charles Logan's shirt so he could hear the conversation between Logan and Subarov. Was he quick-witted? For sure. He even knew that the lead hitman's SIM card would be in his intestinal track because he'd swallowed it. Did he use painful torture? Though the torture scene of the Russian who killed Rene Walker was just, absolutely the sickest thing ever, he didn't bother to torture any of Novakovich's men or Dana Walsh. He just cold blood killed them. And then was he tough? Oh yeah, dear lord was he ever. The scene of him in the face mask stomping up on Charles Logan's car to kick in the window is a thing of memory. Was it realistic? Er, no. But that's what we've come to love about 24 now, isn't it? A show where the good guys sometimes have to act bad but the bad guys always get caught. Rough justice is the best kind of vengeance.

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Capt. BS said...

I can't say that I've actually watched (as in, paid more attention to than my laptop) a complete episode of 24 this season, but the scenes featuring the intestinal SIM card (it still worked? shouldn't it have been half-digested?) and Jack-Bauer-as-terrorist-commando rank among the top 24 moments of all time (which include, among others, Jack steering a 747 from the luggage compartment with his bare hands).

You'd have to think the writers have been keeping these ideas tucked away in their back pocket for several seasons, and with the end of the series now imminent, had no reason to continue hold them back. Makes you wonder what they have in store for the finale.