Monday, May 10, 2010

Teleflora Review

I rarely use this blog as a podium for ranting. Wait, that's not true. I rarely use this blog as a podium for product and service reviews. But, this is one of those times when I want to scream my complaints from the rooftops. And, as our rooftop isn't readily accessible, nor is that socially acceptable, I am blogging.

We ordered flowers for our mothers on mother's day. We ordered two bouquets, both scheduled to arrive on the saturday before, as they allegedly do not deliver on Sunday. Both were ordered from Teleflora on the same order. We were given a single Order Number.

The first bouquet arrived on Saturday. All was well. The second did not. By Sunday - Mother's Day - mid-day - I was on the phone with Teleflora, who assured us it was on the truck to arrive that day. Somewhere out there, my mom thought we forgot her. Of course we didn't. But, there was no acknowledgment of Mother's Day. Finally, at 5pm, she asked if we forgot her, and I told her we had not. And I told her the whole story.

The guy on the phone on Sunday did nothing but apologize. over 24 hours late, and he apologized for the inconvenience. I even said I'd never order from them again. "I'm sorry Ma'am" No nothing. As a basic courtesy, they should have tossed in half a dozen blooms or given me a gift card or something. Flowers are scheduled for a specific time - and are meant to arrive at that time. And they could have sent an email saying "We're sorry! It's coming tomorrow! Here, have a coupon!" But no - we got nothing. We had to wait on hold for ages for some 18 year old to say he was sorry. Shocking. Jet Blue has actually sent me compensation for things like broken TVs unprompted. Little 15 dollar gift certificates in the mail because the quality of my XM radio experience was compromised. And Teleflora can't even acknowledge the problem and give me an ETA on its resolution? Unacceptable.

By Sunday night, no flowers arrived. No emails apologizing. No customer service updates. Nothing. The flowers arrived today at noon. It's now 48 hours after scheduled and a whole day after Mother's Day. This is completely unacceptable. Is 48 hours after a birthday okay? 24 hours after a wake? My gosh, people. So I call - again waiting over 30 minutes on hold - and get a 12 year old who claims to be a manager. Again, I spend 10 minutes just working out that there are TWO bouquets on ONE order (since they seem unable to find the second - and contend I don't have the right order number - even though I'm looking at it on their web site in real time).

They go off and come back saying I'd get 20% off. I just laughed. 50%! But, only 50% of the flower price - which barely covers the delivery fee - which is hilarious, considering they were barely delivered. I just laughed and said - "you have to be kidding." I'm getting a full refund. This escalation, by the way, took less than 60 seconds. 20% to 50% to Free in 60 seconds.

Now, let's watch and see if it is credited to my account. But I'll never EVER order from Teleflora again.

And now, let's wait and see what Comcast can do about the downed cable in our yard...

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Nicole at Teleflora said...

I'd like to apologize again for the problem you experienced with the order. Sometimes there are delivery issues that cannot be avoided (for example, we've had florists deliveries involved in car accidents or other situations that prevent them from completing a delivery which we've been informed is running on time). It's terrible when situations like these happen, and we do our best to offer great customer service at times like that.

I've looked for a way to contact you privately and don't see one, but if you'd still like any personal assistance with this matter, please feel free to contact me at: care teleflora (dot) com with your order confirmation number. I'll happily look into the matter further.