Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fly the Friendly Skies

In my "this was meant to be low travel" gig, I will be in and out of airports at least once a week this month. And, for reasons to do with service to locales as exotic as Houston and Omaha, I've been flying traditional carriers lately. As a beyond-loyal Jet Blue customer for years and years, this transition back to the world of hideous blue seat upholstery has been jarring.   And thus, I blog.


A)     Status. I forgot about status. Jet Blue is comfortingly egalitarian. The smell of cookies from the First Class area is really unnecessarily "in your face." I imagine I would have earned status years ago on a traditional carrier. I had it on American for a while. But, honestly, I prefer the comfort of every seat instead of the aspirational hope of the front of the jet.

B)      Food. I already came to terms with the fact that a 6 hour flight to San Jose no longer comes with a bag of pretzels. It's shocking. But, today, on 4 hour hop to Houston, there WAS a meal. It was a hockey puck turkey sandwich and an iceberg salad. I can't help but think that a bag of Munchie Mix would not be much less nutritional, but would be a LOT more welcome. Why are airlines clinging to these poorly-made "fresh" foods when they'd do far better being generous with cashews? And, if you insist on differentiating with sandwiches, haven't we reached the ability in processed food land to package mesculin and triangle-sandwiches? If I can buy that at the food section of a Walgreens, airplanes should be able to execute it too.

C)      Extra Leg Room. Is it really extra? I mean, the person in front of me still put my laptop in peril by leaning backwards. Surely the definition of "extra" should include laptop safety.

D)     Boarding. I am blessed with the aforementioned mildly "extra leg room" seat. And, while I didn't select it, I am curious as to why said seat does not come with automatic carry on space? If you're paying extra, shouldn't you NOT have to visit baggage claim.


Finally… one comment on hotels. I can wax poetic about the joys of the Westin smell or the glory of a heavenly bed. But, when it comes right down to it, I would really appreciate it if hotels faced the music and snaked the tubs once a month, as a precaution. There's nothing less heavenly than a shower ankle-deep in soapy water.


And with that… I anticipate my next flight. Tomorrow.


PD said...

perhaps you'll see my chicago airport security guard and it might be mildly ok. look forward to seeing you soon!

SchrefflerFamily said...

I REALLY wish that airplane seats did not recline.