Monday, June 21, 2010

Profile: The Corporate Hipster

I really wish I could do profiles of everyone in my company. This place is a coffee table book waiting to happen. Here's an innocuous one: The Corporate Hipster.

His attitude is mildly superior. In an "I'm listening to indie music" sort of way. He carries an important novel in his laptop bag. His role requires him to have some sort of superior insight into buyer behavior. Or web behavior. Or the magic of search engine optimization.

He dresses with equal levels of lip service to the hipster and the corporate dress code. Black khakis. A polo that might be a touch overly fitted. Leather shoes, but of the type that feels like they just might have been hand stiched by Guatemalan school children. Fitted shirts with interesting patterns - nary a stripe to be seen. Except on his custom Timbuk2 bag, which seems to shy half a pace away from having skulls on it. His hair makes you want to scream "get a haircut, boy!" but at the same time, makes you wonder "why do I feel that way?" He doesn't dare press the gender ambiguity, but does speak in a way that it is clear he might on weekends. When he eats, it is never in the cafeteria.

Its strange how little nods to the hipster world seem to put everyone else on edge. It's okay not to be one of us, but, the touch of disdain makes you hesitate to tell a joke. In a world where ironic distance makes the world go 'round, his irony makes everyone more earnest.

The corporate hipster, like the regular hipster, is an active non-conformist, in a highly conforming way. Too slippery to pin down - and to trust. But too ironic to dismiss. At least he is noticed.


PD said...

this post is freaking hilarious. i think i just read it again for the first time.

Anonymous said...

The corporate hipster; nothing that a damn good kicking in the toilets when no one was looking wouldn't sort out! :-)