Saturday, June 19, 2010

Some Minor Points

I spent some time with a man who seemed to deem every little quip worthy of a blog post. It isn't. You need something more than a pithy remark to write a blog post. But - sometimes a collection of pithy remarks will do.... So:

a) I love my new cowboy boots. I might blog about why I have them. We'll see. but, I have to say, LOVE. I feel like this is one of those purchases, like that white skirt I bought in the 7th grade, that I wear 10000 times and never get rid of. Though I thought I got rid of that white skirt until my mom gave it back to me - she had saved it. If it ever comes back into style (dear god, I hope not) I'm all set!

b) Parenthetically, everyone in Houston wears white skirts and white pants. They must never eat ketchup. It's strange, and scary. In truth, they seem to have nailed the "foundational garments" part of the problem. They have not all, however, nailed the "skinnier than giselle so I can wear these pants" part of the problem.

c) Strawberry scented body wash makes me smell like Hubba Bubba. This can't be good. Anyone got gum?

d) Heinz is now making a new ketchup called "simply heinz" or something, and it has no sugar, and it is SO much better. Try it!

e) Our tomatoes are appearing! They are small and green, but they exist!

f) I truly have a fear of going to the garden shop and asking for fox urine. I don't think I can say "where's the fox urine" out loud. Also, part of me worries about how it is collected.

That's all I got. But I had to share.

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