Sunday, July 25, 2010

Confidence - or indifference

I have never been much of a performer. I don't sing except in the
shower - or in the kitchen. My dance career was cut short in the 5th
grade. And while I regularly present to a crowd of dozens, I find that
completely different from singing or dancing or playing the flute.

Others, however, seem to revel in performance - and I love a good
musical or ballet. I love watching a talented artist do their thing.

What I don't understand is the off-stage performer. The german tourist
testing the acoustics of a greek amphitheater by belting our Wagner
operas. Or, as I am currently experiencing, a budding musical star
singing along to his ipod in the subway - something that sounds like a
lesser track from Rent or Pippin. He sings, all alone. To music we
can't hear. Loudly. Very loudly, as the acoustics are great.

He makes eye contact and continues unhindered. He isn't horrible, but
without any context, the song falls flat. It needs music or a choir or
at least a story to support the melancholy lyrics.

I can't decide if he is confident, enjoying his hobby, or arrogant,
assuming we all are graced with his mellifluous tones -- or just
utterly obstuse. It perplexes me.

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