Friday, July 30, 2010

finally, perspective

Today I took a much needed staycation. My first vacation day since February.

Every time the Blackberry went off, I could feel my pulse starting a little. All the work interruptions are just so many deadlines on bureaucratic items; iterations upon iterations of clipboard people taking it upon themselves to create deadlines for others. Take an online training class by Friday, I want 100% compliance or else! Send in your credit card statement or we're cutting off your priveleges! I need a document on Monday to rehash what I could tell my boss in 2 sentences! Tell me immediately what I should tell a vendor who wants to sell us services!

Glad I don't care about that stuff anymore.

Henceforth, I plan to reset my alarm bells. When a clipboard screams, I certainly don't need to jump.

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Capt. BS said...

Excellent. I like how great moments of perspective, no matter how fleeting, tend to leave lasting, actionable impressions. Like the goldfish who, during a split-second hop comprehends the nature of his fishbowl universe and momentarily experiences what it's like to be outside of it. Or the part near the end of The Matrix Revolutions (assuming you're able to watch the movie that far) where Neo and Trinity's ship breaks above the permanent, post-apocalyptic cloud-cover and Trinity sees a blue sky and the sun for the first time.

Sometimes, when we spend a lot of time in a fishbowl (or a nuclear wasteland crawling with human-harvesting machines), it only takes a moment of seeing beyond our daily routines and trappings to realize how inconsequential most of the things that trouble us are.