Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the Hills

this show the Hills started and i vaguely became aware of some people named lauren and that it was on mtv. it vaguely occured to me i should watch it. now it is ending. i have no idea what i missed. is this some cultural thing i totally missed? is this how people without tv's feel all the time? probably.


Lilac - Like The Flower said...

uh. yes. the hills. a spinoff of the real OC. that generated the spinoff - The City. It's over, and while I used to be a fan, the departure of the aforementioned Lauren (to pursue her young adult novel and fashion design career) timed with the arrival of a blond chick whose name I cannot recall made me stop altogether. And now it's over. Just keep watching Glee

Capt. BS said...

It appears that, up until this point, we have taken our sustainability as a Zombie Nation for granted. If the spinoffs are not self-replicating and self-sustaining, what will we do?