Friday, July 9, 2010

The Ladies' Drakkar

Cabotine. The perfume of the 1990. I have a bottle at home, I admit. The bottle is pretty, and the scent reminds me, like Drakkar, of hot summers in a much hotter land. Somehow, amid hummus, sunshine, and the music of Bob Marley in 1995, this was a really flippin' good idea.

It's 15 years later, in a cold office somewhere in Boston, MA, with A/C going and a distinct lack of No Woman No Cry. The scent emanates from one of the remarkably prevalent women's cubes in the development/test/QA corridor. It invades my nostrils and takes me back to a place and time when I diapered at least 3 infants a day, and often not the same one twice. But that flashback is harsh in the cooled grey cube farm, like a scratchy recording of your favorite song - making you scream "turn it off!"

But, it's good to know that women have their Drakkar.


Anonymous said...

Do share the "diapered" story. Having lived in the West Indies for over three years...and worked there many more...I NEED to understand!

Capt. BS said...

Why doesn't this blog have a "Drakkar" tag? It seems like there are more posts about Drakkar than there are about "a dog named kiki."