Thursday, July 8, 2010

my perfect day and a half

yesterday, 9pm: arrive home. wander aimlessly through the neighborhood.

10pm: sit on stoop and talk on the phone for 1/2 hour

10:30 pm: eat dinner

11pm-1am: catch up on random emails and reading.

1 am: go to sleep and i don't set the alarm!

7 am: wake up late, but i couldn't care less. not setting the alarm reduces the stress level

7:30 am: drive to work. force myself to completely clear my head. 1 hour of a clear mind. it feels like heaven.

9 am - 8pm: work. haircut. drive home. i don't remember what happened. i don't care.

8pm: go running for about 40 minutes and elapsed time 50 minutes over and back the brooklyn bridge.

9:30 pm: cook up a batch of brown rice, random veggies that is too spicy to eat. suck on a lime.

10:15 pm: write on blog. so happy

was it even possible for me to be this mellow?

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Capt. BS said...

I think the key was not setting an alarm. Not only is this a jarring and unpleasant way to start your day, but there are studies that have shown that your body actually anticipates the alarm by releasing stress hormones an hour or so before it goes off. Mark my words: if I ever stumble across a genie or otherwise become omnipotent, I will uninvent the alarm clock.