Monday, July 12, 2010

rule #89 of office politics: the unreformable, unrepentant colleague

when it comes to coworkers who don't do their job.. they may be unmotivated lazy bums or action oriented type A's eagerly racing down rabbit holes.

may we suggest not trying to reform them. you won't. you just won't. any effort expended to tell on them to the boss will earn only their hatred and eventually annoy your boss as well. and all that effort will still not get them to do whatever it is you need.

better to bide your time, work around them and when asked, tell the truth about their contributions with no opinion.

ed note: no one writing this post wore cabotine or drakkar.


Capt. BS said...

And just like that, Drakkar vaults into the Top 10 Thongcharm Topics of All Time. Awesome. I will now fall asleep a happy man.

Lilac - Like The Flower said...

True. let the people just live. and don't count them among your enemies - they don't know yet....