Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spotted in O'hare

Or near O'hare airport. I'm at a hotel near O'hare. And by near, I mean "physically connected." And in this hotel, there are 2 restaurants. One of these restaurants seems to have a bordello theme, complete with low lighting, strange amounts of floral prints, and a distinct feeling of "Maison Derriere" 

The waitresses are dressed like Vegas waitresses, in spangly bathing suits and fishnets with heels. The furniture is red plush. And our sales conference has a registration desk just feet from the door. So, a wonderful patient lady was sitting there, with her back to the action, until I told her we HAD to peek inside. It's a hotel - not a bordello, right?

And who do we see sitting at the first table? A PRIEST. Seriously. Backwards collar and all. When a perfectly good non-bordello restaurant was across the way. It was like a setup for a joke.. only I haven't written the punchline yet.

All I know is that Reverend Lovejoy never put the spring in springfield...

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PD said...

there are priests who aren't gay?