Thursday, July 15, 2010

thank goodness for chelsea

I find it so incredibly fitting that Chelsea Clinton has gone so far in this world. Remember when she was that awkard teenager whom everyone said was so ungodly ugly? That poor kid. It was so awful the way the press ganged up on her. And now look at her. She has the career success, she's smart, she looks hotter than anyone thought possible. She hobnobs with fashionistas and is getting married in royal style. To someone who seems incredibly normal and nice. Good for her. I hope she savors every minute of her revenge. I hope her parents make a point to call every obnoxious news outlet that published shite about her to dangle the possibility of covering her wedding in their faces and then take it away. This is one big "i told you so". Let's all revel in it.

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Lilac - Like The Flower said...

yes! agreed! though, let me add... I do miss the curly hair... solidarity, curlygirls!