Sunday, August 1, 2010

Health Tips I Learned in July 2010

Some healthy tips for you all. We don't do enough of these posts.

* Peppermint infused lotion gets rid of eczema
(source: trial and error)

* Baby powder gets rid of heat rash
(source: doctor)

* Not setting an alarm has an almost magical effect on the enjoyment of sleep
(source: personal experience)

* Plaque is what builds up when you don't floss and brush enough. After 10 days, plaque becomes tartar, after which your only hope of removing it is brushing hard or getting a dental cleaning.
(source: my dental hygienist)

* According to a new book by Dr. Murad, one should eat water rich foods. Water rich foods allow the body to better absorb water than just drinking water itself. And water cures a lot of things which are difficult to explain, but I'm sure you'll see the book when it comes out.
(source: marie claire magazine)

*Studies show that stress in itself is ok. Stress caused by being lower in the pecking order is the issue. This source of stress can exacerbate any disease in the body and drives a marked increase in mortality in patients feeling they are lower in the pecking order. For example, studies showed that workers in the British civil service towards the bottom of the ladder had the highest mortality, while executives, despite having higher stress jobs, lived longer.
(source: wired magazine)

*Boiling rice in extra water and then straining it removes the gluten in rice, making it easier to digest and lower in starch.
(source: parents)

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