Monday, September 27, 2010

30,000 F-You

I've hated united airlines for a long time. They have a remarkably jacked up mileage program. And now that I'm flying CONSTANTLY, I thought I'd just go ahead and post all my continental points (the preferred airline of Houston, Texas) onto US Airways. I have over 30K miles already. Aggregate and accumulate, you know? So, I was American/US Airways girl.

Until I realized that they didn't count partner miles towards status. So I *should* be silver, but I'm not, because apparently, the words "miles with us or our partner airlines" means "miles with us NOT our partner airlines."

I just called and asked. They said "no." I said - well, I'm looking at 4 itineraries in front of me, including 2 upcoming international flights, and I can tell you that I'm swapping them ALL to UNITED Mileage Plus.

He said "Have a good day. Thank you for calling US Airways."

Yeah. I'm so done.

Meanwhile, by the way, I was done with United only a short while ago. And now, apparently, I'm back. Sigh. I guess I know who holds the cards in this game.

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Capt. BS said...

[probabilistic-pixiedust-zone] Someday, an oil tycoon with a Harvard-bound son will buy a large stake in JetBlue, and a Boston-to-Houston direct route will magically appear.[/probabilistic-pixiedust-zone]