Monday, September 13, 2010

for those who rock

i gave up indie rock, and rock in general, at about 2001. i listened to a lot of bad pop music instead. i lost my taste in music, entirely. but somehow it's back now. and i don't think it's environmental or anything. it's like somehow every fiber in my head craves it like a thirst. it's like my mind wasn't ready for it before but it is now.


Capt. BS said...

I find that being a fan of indie rock (and indie movies) requires a certain motivational energy that ebbs and flows throughout one's life... A desire to find deeper meaning in something that's harder to find (and sometimes harder to experience), coupled with a stubborn commitment to the search-and-discovery process.

When that motivation is not there, Top 40 radio, Hollywood blockbusters, and the rest of mass-produced pop culture is always there to fill the void. And, as I've eventually come to accept in my 20s and 30s, that's okay.

Mr. Le said...

2001 is a very specific year. What did it? The popularity of Creed and Nickelback? The end of Lilith Fair? Justin Timberlake?

I agree with Captain, but I clearly believe that there are defining points in one's life or in the music we listen to that triggers our appetite (for destruction. You're in the Jungle baby!). I grew with grunge because of my uncle's love for hair bands and then was given a guitar. I started a shift to hip hop because my freshman year roommate was into it. And then I got turntables. I then started liking R&B more because I learned I could sing, leading to a microphone. I then abandoned hip hop because of Puff Diddy Seanie Combs ruining the songs I grew up with.

Now, I'm somehow am caught in an adult contemporary, 90s rock band, Lady Gaga vortex. Probably because music today sucks.

Music itself swings on a pendulum too. Boy bands like the Backstreet Boys and N'Sync begot Limp Bizkit which then sired American Idol stars which then brought us Avril Lavigne to now Taylor Swift. Hip hop went to talking about poor neighborhoods in NYC to pimping to poor neighborhoods on the West coast to pimping and clubbing to poor neighborhoods in the South to pimping, clubbing and making babies.

I don't know how Aerosmith stays relevant, really.