Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Personality Type: The Hip-Shit

The Hip-Shit is a Hipster Dipshit. They truly believe they are important and unique. They truly believe that they are changing the world. But instead, their opinions and beliefs are unproductive to society and frequently half-formed.

Here are some examples of Hip-Shittism:
  • When someone is willing to believe that without a certain product they could not survive, even though that product frequently runs out of battery life and network capacity is a hipshit moment. (hello, iphone).
  • When someone gets in the car and begins to drive using GPS navigation and never uses maps for anything or checks them in advance? That's a hipshit moment.
  • When someone believes that providing eyeglasses to kids in Somalia is a useful and productive thing to do with their $40,000/year education is a hipshit moment.
  • When someone believes their tastes in clothing, books, movies or any other form of popular media is actually a form of societal protest is a hipshit moment.
  • When someone willingly plunks down extra cash for anything with a green or health conscious label because it's better without questioning why is a hipshit moment.

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Lilac - Like The Flower said...

When someone disses suburban life as banal for years until they realize the joy of 500 thread count sheets!