Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some Things Are Unnecessary

I know I share a blog with a wireless person. Someone who loves the wireless industry so much. But, every so often, something stupid comes out of that industry. And the one that just threw me was RingBack Tones.

The concept makes sense to me, at some level. That infernal ringing was clearly getting tedious. 100 years of standard ring-ring was clearly putting our culture over the edge. But, when I call an international number, and I get melodic muzak ringback tone, I can't always tell if I'm dialing properly. It's hardly "Single Ladies" by Beyonce - which would be an obvious choice.Muzak could easily be "you are now on hold from your work phone for a child bride."  It could be "you have no idea how to dial 16 numbers, and now you're calling Kuwait."  And it's impossible to tell how many rings you waited for someone to pick up!

Worse, when combined with something like google voice.. do you even know who you're calling anymore?

Yeah. I clearly need to blog more. Sorry y'all - I'll be back soon. Turns out I find it hard to blog when i have no kitchen.

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