Friday, October 22, 2010

bluetooth headsets are useless

I just bought a standard headset for my cellphone. And this is why I'm so excited and why I think Bluetooth headsets will eventually go the way of the dodo.

1. No pairing is required. That means, no setup time to get the headset to work. Also since I have 2 phones, I don't have to worry about unpairing with one phone and repairing with the other.

2. No charging is required of the headset.

3. The phone battery isn't drained with the bluetooth pairing.

4. The sound quality is 100% great. No one is telling me "you're cutting out"

5. All the features of the phone like Mute effortless carry through to the phone.

6. Everyone can see my headset. I look like a techie spy instead of a crazy person talking to myself.

7. I'm not potentially irradiating my head with the Bluetooth headset. I'm keeping the wireless antenna away from my head.


Lilac - Like The Flower said...

I've been using one for over a year - I have NO IDEA who needs to be able to walk 5 feet away from their phone, but not 20 feet away... thus, the use case for bluetooth befuddles me. Particularly in a world when everyone's tied to their ipod. though, frankly, I wish all the headphones worked on all the devices.

Capt. BS said...

8. You will never look as retarded as the treacherous oil executive from season 5 of 24. (Did he even have a name? Was his storyline ever fleshed out? All I remember about him is the bluetooth earpiece.)

PD said...

OMG the treacherous oil executive from Season 5 of 24 was a classic. He never had a name so everyone called him Bluetooth headset guy. And later I think he turned out to be Jack Bauer's brother.