Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Cardinal Rule, Broken

I've recently joined a group of.. shall we say... extreme private sector academics. The sort of people who, while employed by enterprises, have a remarkably broad, philosophical view of their industry. They're a bright and fascinating group.

As a new person, I prefaced my contribution (by phone, never having met anyone) with "I'm jumping in fresh here, but here's my concern..."  Oops. I forgot that the courage of my conviction was severely compromised by admitting any weakness, particularly in a group with this average ego.

It was remarkably bad. Meaning, I immediately got shot down with a rather... dismissive.. .retort. I don't think they meant to - it simply was...

I wish I could press replay and try again. I'll have plenty of opportunities. However, maybe next time, in a less bizarre 30-person phone-call context, I'll be able to follow the other cardinal rule - which is demonstrating my right-to-participate before I make my point. Nothing like a little self-promotion to enhance your ideas...

And no, this isn't how I wish the world worked.

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