Monday, December 20, 2010

The Maladies of Winter

Ah, Winter. It's so annoying. Now I will whine while the other half of TC prepares to go to Hawaii for a week.

Poor Circulation: I sit 2 hours immobile in front of the TV because I'm too cold to move. Because yeah, clearly not moving will definitely improve my circulation.

Odd Sweating: My feet sweat every day which means by 3 pm I'm cold because my feet are wet. I really need to bring a change of socks.

Itchy Skin: My 24 hour body lotion wears off every night by 7pm and I become spontaneously itchy around my waist.

Dry Lips & Cuticles: They are always dry and cracked. My fingers get a strange eczema thing on them. I've had an arthritic middle right knuckle since I was in the third grade.

Trouble Breathing: There's no oxygen in the cold, dry, still air.

I hate the lack of sounds at night time. It's like all of Brooklyn's gang kids and hipster dumpster divers are in hiberation (see my first point about lack of circulation, which I meant both individually and collectively).

Oh yeah, and cold is painful.

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