Friday, December 3, 2010

the McDonalds school of Management

So this week in a moment of utter desparation, I laid upon my team this analogy:

We have stores.

People come to those stores for something. Let's say they are hamburgers.

Our goal is to sell everyone a hamburger, maybe fries and a Coke.

Our goal is to have new projects that help to sell more hamburgers and maybe more fries and Cokes.

We shouldn't have a series of projects that help sell more apple pies.

If we want to improve the hamburger, do so in a way that increases it's price. Add bacon. Add a double patty. Throw in a happy meal for the kids and a senior citizen discount. Create a loyalty plan for the construction workers who eat here daily.

Don't come to me with a project to add more sugar to the ketchup.

Come to me with ideas to make hamburgers relevant in the post Super Size me era. So that someone like me will actually eat there.

You see? Easy

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