Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ode to a Brass Rat

As many of you know, the ladies of TC - and many of our fan base - are MIT grads. Not MIT the hard-core engineering school where people commit suicide over B's in advanced differential equations. No, MIT Sloan, the business school. But, despite that subtle difference and less of risk of death, we are all able to order an MIT class ring, affectionately known as a "Brass Rat" because it is typically yellow gold, and the Beaver (arguably among the worst mascots a girl can sport) on it looks like a rat. I defy you to find a less attractive class ring. That's the point.*

Some might think I wear the thing as a pretentious effort to identify myself among the few, the proud, the nerdy. Not so. There are only 2 reasons I wear a Brass Rat.

There are instances when it functions like a pennant or team jersey, building solidarity with fellow grads. So, while a UW person might have a small husky pin on their messenger bag, MIT's ring functions as the equivalent. So, if I'm in a place where I'm likely to be interacting with other potential grads, it makes sense to wear it. Since we have no viable football team. Or sports team of any kind. Except possibly ballroom dancing.

When I need super powers. Basically, wearing the ring - and feeling its incredible weight (somehow I opted for "small" and not "tiny" and thus mine weighs a ton) reminds me, when I'm feeling a little insecure or nervous in a situation, that whatever awaits me cannot possibly be harder than System Dynamics class. Or Advanced Corporate Finance. These people/This situation/This challenge cannot break me. And the Rat has acted as a bit of a reminder when other things like, say, a photo of Huayna Picchu, have proven less portable or practical.

Today I wear my Brass Rat. Bring it.

*One of the cool features of the brass rat, however, is that every year it is completely customized to the year in question. Mine has the beaver eating pizza, a construction site representing the MIT construction in the background, and various other nuances.

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PD said...

That's so funny. I am always interested to hear about the brass rat because I never bought one, mainly because it never matched anything I own.