Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wiki Leaks

Here's what I have to say about the Wiki Leaks situation:

1. The documents divulged so far are funny in a sort of Graham Greene's Our Man in Havana become real kind of way. (In the book, a simple British citizen in Cuba is mistaken for a spy because his vacuum cleaner blueprints appear to someone else to be the makings of a bomb. In fact, the man is a vacuum cleaner salesman.)

2. The world will not come to an end because of this.

3. I do think this constitutes a new low for the notion of what's private and the government's role in privacy. It's not the lowest we're going to get. But this level of transparency is terrifying.

4. I want to know which government is running the denial of service attacks on Wikileaks site. I'd love to think its ours but I honestly suspect the Chinese or Israelis. I don't think we have the hacking brainpower.

5. Who the hell is Private Manning, why did he mark the files "Lady Gaga" and will there ever be a better story about who stole this information in the first place? I'm waiting for the expose movie starring George Clooney or Russell Crowe.

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Capt. BS said...

Actually #4 was the first thought I had when the article I was reading finished with something to the effect of, "As of this morning, the Wikileaks site was unresponsive." My money's on China, though it could easily be Russia.

Also, if I may add #6: From reading the follow-up stories, I've become increasingly suspicious that many (if not all) of these stolen files were just sitting around on an open fileshare on a VPN that was intended to "facilitate intra-agency collaboration"... That is, I'm pretty sure someone basically said, "It doesn't matter if the fileshare is completely open, the network is secure!" Whoops.