Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yay Arcade Fire!

Arcade Fire is a well known indie band that won Best Album Grammy this year. In the spirit of making sure you're all aware of this amazing band, everyone definitely definitely needs to check out this Google music video of "We Used to Wait". It's a mash-up! It's vector-based! It uses Google maps! It's freaking awesome! Check it out here:


Capt. BS said...

Wow, I didn't know they won the Grammy! Yes, these guys are awesome... I first saw them on SNL a few years ago and downloaded their album immediately after their performance. The fact that I have yet to download their latest album (in spite of the fact that their music-video mashup wowed me when it first came out) is completely unacceptable and will be addressed as soon as I next find myself conscious and near my iTunes gift card.

Chad Farthouse said...

at least i didn't forward this.

PD said...

Actually Chad Farthouse, if that is your REAL name, you may not have forwarded it, but since you are a spammer.... you suck.