Friday, March 11, 2011

do you really see?

the reason i love news on BBC and PBS is that they let the story be at the center of the news. they give you 2 minutes of footage of the libyan rebels sleeping in blankets in an airport. they give you detailed point counterpoints from experts and they let them talk.

in most cable news programs the presenter is the center. their story, their opinions can be crafted and made to fit any little video clip that they can interject their strong opinion in. that same libyan rebels clip would be 20 seconds followed by snarky commentary of gadaffi being crazy.

i just find that when you can see footage and really see how people feel, it's like a documentary. you can see past the cursory and the opinionated and the need to place something upsetting into an overall narrative of entertainment being first. that is a powerful thing.

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