Thursday, March 24, 2011

In Plain Off-Site

There are tons of movies and tv shows made about the witness protection program. That's compelling stuff. But, sometimes the hardest thing for us mere mortals to do is to hide amongst our peers.

This week, I am at a boondoggle. It's one of the best I've ever attended (and didn't involve a chili cook-off or petting a buffalo, so that's all good) - but after a few days eating, talking, working out, and drinking, sometimes you want a little peace. So, I was shocked to find, yesterday, that my patented plan for hiding among my peers still works - five years after I developed it on the tragic Dolphin/Swan estate in Disney with my dear friend SF.

Here's the trick (and I think it only works for women):  Get your gym clothes on. Or your jeans. Put a ratty shirt on. If your sports bra is showing, all the better. No one assumes they will ever see their colleague in a visible enormous sports bra. Wear sneakers and socks. Take off most of your makeup. Add sunglasses, if appropriate to the weather, even indoors. And finally, put on a hat/kerchief/whatever. Cover the hair completely.

I walked by 10 people with whom I had shared meals and drinks and hours of work of the past few days - and the past YEAR - and they didn't even see me. It was perfection.

Until Q gave me away.


PD said...

I hate the Disney Swan hotel. I had to go there for a Microsoft Tech Ed conference in 2001.

Anonymous said...

I am still too scared to discuss ever staying at Disney with LB. I dont even recall her trick here. All I remember is that after 4 days I wanted grilled cheese and ice cream - the food sucked. Orlando is the 7th circle of hell (or something) - Molson