Friday, April 8, 2011


I recently gave my first real speech where I was miked up and on-stage in a presentation hall. On my way to the presentation, I struggled with the right tone for the presentation. I decided to not take the paternalistic tone that many take, overly simplifying and treating employees like they are 15 year olds at a career development seminar. Instead I decided to be real and try to tell a story. Allow nuances. Allow the grey. I realize that is anathema to clipboards everywhere. And I don't care.

This got me thinking about the meaning of authenticity. And I think there is a distinction between:

Being Honest vs. Being Earnest vs. Being Real

Honesty gets you well... not very far.

Earnestness leads to foot in the mouth disease...constantly.

Being real means you're nice and real and funny and authentic...but not you're also not an idiot.

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