Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pet Peeve #422: Half the Story

Pretend your ordered a brand new wheel of cheese from Cheese-R-Us. You put in your paypal account, select a nice cranberry-cheddar, and eagerly await its arrival with a box of crackers and a sharp knife. Life is good.

You get an email 24 hours later from Cheese-R-Us saying "We got your order. We've picked out a wonderful aged wheel of goodness, and it is in the mail via fedex, which as you know, has an excellent tracking system. Your cheese will be with you soon!"

First, the little Pavlov bell rings and you're salivating and considering the prospect of granny smith apples with your new cheese.
Then, you consider which bottle of Oregon Pinot (shout out -in-laws!) to open with this cheese - and realize it should really breath for at least 30 minutes.
Then, you realize you aren't sure precisely when it will arrive.

So, you go back to the email to track it. And while, there is clearly the ability to track cheese - there is no tracking number. So, what do you do? You could take your chances and crack open the pinot... and find yourself uncheesy and drunk. Or you can email them and say "Dear cheesemonger, my tracking number is holey lacking" hoping the pun might accelerate the reply.

Now, that's my life. I have a number of cheesemongers in my life who seem to send me half an email... Guess what? We're getting more money! How much? Who the hell knows. Guess what? We're signing a deal. When? No idea.

Why can't the world just finish their thought... and answer the next OBVIOUS question?!

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PD said...

because the world is run on hot air