Thursday, April 14, 2011

Too Much Too Soon

I received this email from someone after I sat next to them at the wedding of a friend of mine. I think the statute of limitations is over now and this is both post-able and quote-able. It reminds me of my favorite phrase (which I learned from the movie Slapshot) "Too Much, Too Soon".

Hi Priya,

How goes things in Boston? Did you have a good Thanksgivings? I hope this e-mail find you in good spirit. I had to bribe, threat, even held Fay's brother's computer hostage at one point to get your e-mail. Anyway, thanks for putting up with me on the dance floor at Fay's wedding. I normally am more reserve when it comes to dancing. Not sure what happened that night but I had a lot of fun. Hope you did as well.

Got any plan for the holidays? Would you like to come to the sunny San Diego for a few days? I've a modest house with some spare bedrooms and a decent city view if you would like to go somewhere warmer this winter. There are lots of out door things to do like whale watching, hot air ballooning, horse back riding, kayaking or day trip to Tijuana Mexico. You name it and I'll make it happen. Looking forward to hearing from you and I hope all is well.



Capt. BS said...

Meh. That's quite cordial and tame, if you ask me... I mean, he actually troubled himself to make email small-talk, and made a few concrete suggestions as to future plans.

To provide some contrast, I will paraphrase an email that a friend received from one of her coworkers (with whom she rarely conversed) hours after being laid off:

Dear Sandra,

I am sorry to hear about the bad news. But the good news is that we still live in the same city, and we are of the same ethnicity. We should totally sleep together.


Stevie Janowski said...

Tijuana- the land of Donkey Shows, gang violence, and easily obtainable oxycontin. How romantic.