Thursday, April 7, 2011

top best/worst of corporate NJ

since i've left mega-corp and the daily commute to NJ, i thought i would share with you my thoughts on it

1. Walmart: I saved $10+ per trip on the same things which would cost more in Manhattan.
2. Running in Morristown, NJ with actual hills and trees. The run up Washington street into Jockey Hollow is amazing.
3. How nice everyone is; it's very small town

1. The commute. So many things wrong with it. 1:10 hours each way in the car, minimum. The number of cuts and scrapes my car took. The day a rock shattered my windshield. Driving in the winter time with snow and ice. The stress of driving.
2. Being surrounded by Bell system lifers. Everyone it seems was a lifer in one of the mega-telecom corps in NJ. Everyone had rotated through. Everyone planned to work there until they were 55 and then retire or take a package. It's a jarring and very different culture from what I was used to.
3. Living in NJ for a year. It was what I needed to do at the time, but man did that suck. Put me down for never doing that again, at least in that manner.

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