Sunday, May 22, 2011

app review: the random forwarder

my new idea is to create a rotating list of people to forward stuff that you (and i) want to forward stuff to. are you a compulsive forwarder? yes, we all are. however, are you a compulsive reader of forwards? well, not so much. my new idea would take your facebook friends list or linked in list (for the business forwarders) and rotate your forwards to a chosen list of people.

in the v 2.0 it would create friend groups so you can do some target marketing of your forwards. then you could avoid sending inappropriate jokes to 10 year olds and send male humor to males and female humor to females.

it's really a share the pain model.

come on 15 year old techies! let's get cracking!

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Stevie Janowski said...

Create an app that creates apps. One app to rule them all... so sayeth my inner Tolkien.