Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Fortress of Man's Corruption

The recent news items about high-profile cheating husbands is sort of stunning. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Dominque Strauss-Khan. Tiger Woods. Elliot Spitzer. Bill Clinton. etc. etc.

As I've heard (and observed) time and again, absolute power corrupts absolutely. It's an axiomatic rule. No one, no matter how smart, how athletic, how talented, is immune.

I say the minute someone starts straying the line into something that is criminal or at the very least contractually wrong (as may be the case in a marriage or employment contract) it indicates to me that they've come to believe in themselves and their image as a fortress. Their walls are not scalable, their gates not accessible, they are impregnable. They are a symbol of power and might to the masses: too protective and too symbolic to be destroyed for the good of humanity. A moat surrounds them and no one outside can cross it or see too clearly into their walls.

Of course we know that eventually people do get inside that fort, often because they are invited to be there or complicit in the person's corruption. Sooner or later, the accomplices end up opening the gates for all to see.

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