Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Inner Voice Approach

I am trying very hard to listen to my inner voice on things.

For example, instead of going through my chore list and agonizing over its length and planning out how to get it all done, I use the guilt-based approach. What is making me feel the most guilty? Cleaning the bathroom? Ok let's do that first. Same with email. What's making me the most guilty for not answering? Ok, let's do that first.

I started doing this with health - no more counting calories. Yesterday I ate way better than I did while counting calories, I cooked dinner instead of ordering take-out and exercised. I even walked up 11 flights of stairs without much difficulty. Want to know the kicker? The only thing it took was listening to myself instead of seeking motivation from the outside in the form of a #'d target.

I feel like I had created so many filters for myself .. the target calories I should eat, the number of miles I should run, the daily habits I must do, the hours of sleep I should sleep. At some point it was preventing any happiness because it sought to create external controls over internally incorrect motivations. So I've thrown it all out, and I just listen to my inner voice, which turns out to be a better indicator of what I need and want than I thought and so far I've found I eat much healthier, sleep more, exercise more and am generally happier with a better result.

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