Saturday, May 21, 2011

oscillating wildly

did you ever learn about oscillations? i think i must have in math class when we learned out to map out the sin and cos functions.

i think that it's good to remember that our bodies and our minds oscillate, that they tend to be + or - swings around some central point.

it's easy to think:

why isn't this working
wow this is totally working
what did i do to make this work?
gosh, i give up
i'm winning
this meeting went great! everything is going to be perfect now
this meeting failed. nothing is going to work now

and sometimes all within the course of a week or a day (or on bad days, even an hour)

it's good to remember that oscillating occurs around some central point and that what's important is the linear progression of that central point.

the swings are just the things that make us, as humans, subjects to the complex natural systems which we are.

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Capt. BS said...

I think I need to print this blog post and put it up on the bulletin board in my office. Then, the next time I find myself jumping for joy over the latest customer acquisition only to be pulling my hair out and screaming at my laptop ten minutes later, perhaps I'll maintain some semblance of perspective.