Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ancient Aliens

Has anyone seen this atrociously hilarious TV show that proves the existence of Ancient Aliens?

It is so funny.

The basic premise is that ancient peoples had images and information about flying machines in such detail that the hypothesis is that aliens were actually flying these machines and communicating with these ancient peoples.

The supporting evidence is that many gods and goddesses of ancient myths are in fact, alien beings who fly down to earth and that religion was created to make sense of them. And also (of course) that the pyramids were actually sophisticated landing pads and many of them are flat-topped.

When TC went to Peru, we heard flimsier evidence of the existence of aliens. "The same cocoa leaf was found in a tomb in Peru and in Egypt! Could it be ... could it be... ALIENS that deposited the cocoa leaves to separate sites?"

But, leave it to the documentation happy ancient Indians to provide the best evidence. This comes in the form of the Vedic text called the Viman Shastra, which documents flying machines and was helpfully translated into English (probably with some liberties taken) in the 20th century.

And so, there you have it.

OBVIOUSLY. Because in the world of Ancient Alien theorists, the concept of Fiction doesn't really exist. So for example, some day, those same hyper-rational types will dig up multiple copies of our science fiction and fantasy books and movies and decide that yes, dragons exist, magic exists and much else besides.


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