Monday, June 27, 2011

Developing... Getting Started

So the 1st order of business in becoming an iPhone developer is to have the right software. Here's what is required. I got stuck at #1 because my Mac OS was on 10.5.8. But I think I'm almost there now.

1. A Mac OS machine running OS 10.6.8

2. XCode 4

3. iOS SDK 4.3

4. an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad in order to run test programs

5. An account as a Developer with Apple in order to port programs from XCode to a device

I spent about 4 hours reading the introduction to Objective C book. While I theoretically get most of it, I sort of don't know how in the world I'd begin to even write a program. If shown a code sample I could figure it out... from scratch I'm perplexed.

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