Thursday, June 23, 2011

If you scroll to the bottom and read up...

You know, I'm a busy person. Not insanely busy, but busy. Busy enough that I absolutely hate it when people send me emails that say one of the following:

a) Can you help?
b) FYI
c) this is interesting
d) Any input?

and then require me to scroll through pages and pages of inane back and forth to try to suss out what it is that is being asked, whether I can help, and why this thing is in any way important or relevant.

Particularly if you want my help, something like:

"Do you happen to have a slide depicting a chicken eating a sunflower seed?"


"Have you got an opinion on boxer or briefs? See below for the context."


"This is fascinating because cheese has never been made before on an engine block - market opportunity!"

I know it's a whole sentence. But, I promise you, I'll read and reply to your email faster. Particularly as 9 times out of 10, I'm reading it while doing something else. Like listen to you drone on on a conference call about the merits of medium sized holes in swiss. I don't even like swiss.

Thank you.

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