Sunday, June 19, 2011

An Ode to Flakey People, and also the Reindeer People

Flakey people don't seem bothered by the logistics of planning to get from one point in time/space to another point in time/space. Why? Because they never plan to get from one point to another. They drift. Your job as the flake's friend is to somehow be there at whatever point they need you to be at. You do the planning. They do the drifting.

This seems remarkably animalistic. In the sense that limited mental energy is expended for the living of life. The flake just goes where the flake goes.

However, if I were to consider something really animalistic, like a massive, 10,000 head herd of reindeer in Siberia... I'd say the herders have a much more impressive task - they regularly move these herds across 100's of miles to different grazing areas and climate zones. The thinking doesn't so much go into the location of herding (that's somewhat predetermined by nature). The thinking goes into the constant and unremitting pace that must be kept to get from one place to the next and to continue to survive in the harsh climate.

So there you go - semi literate reindeer herders can actually be shown to be more intelligent than college-educated urbanites who can't get themselves from point A to point B in a major city with multiple modes of transportation and forms of communication.

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