Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Post on Visible Underwear

This is where Thongcharm began in the first place, so we're returning to our roots.

Here's the situation:

It's HOT.

During these heated times, two things have become quite fashionable here in NYC.

The dress/shirt that's see through where you can clearly see underwear underneath. If it's just a bra, really not that big a deal. It's when the underwear is also visible that it starts to get a little bit odd. Like, did you KNOW that your thong was showing through your new Barney's dress for which you probably paid over $400 for?

The dress/shirt with a pattern that requires a bra that has never been invented. There are a lot of interesting tops this season for whom there is no possible way to find an undergarment that matches. But good lord, why is it that everyone from city teenagers to fashionistas must insist on wearing a normal bra that clearly is seen through the whole thing? Yesterday I saw an amazing wrap dress with a massive three inch bra showing out the back, and a tank top that was low cut and showed the entire back of a cheap, lacy, hot pink bra.

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Lilac - Like The Flower said...

At this point, people simply do not seem to care. Like, they wake up in the morning and decide - today is the day for the clingy see-through white number with the red thong. And off they go. Time to revitalize the thongcharm biz, methinks.