Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Creative Clipboards

Just when we thought we'd seen every type of Clipboard Person there was ... I came upon the people I will call the Creative clipboards.

The Creative clipboards are INCREDIBLY detail oriented and they will hound you to the death to get every piece and scrap of detail they need. Worse? They have an opinion about it. Worse? That opinion is actually personal. They will discuss endlessly the different versions of an email that could be sent to a client, and they will conduct this discussion on a group email chain with a poorly worded subject line such as "Re - Some Thoughts" which they expect you to respond to 10.5 seconds after its being sent. They will send around 25 different versions of a logo for you to review, which they will discuss endlessly in a 10 person group email chain. But, they will forget to get the update from the client that the color scheme has changed.

The biggest challenge of the Creative clipboard is that their system of record is group email chains and their time span is 1-14 hours. There's no excel or project plans or ability to plan even a week in advance. No, instead one is expected to keep track of 20 different group email chains with poorly worded subject lines like "Re- Some Thoughts". Also they are subject to rapidly decreasing formatlity. They start with a mini book and devolve into emails sent to the same 10 people that are sent that say "let's talk" "calling now" "missed you" "call my cell".

So what should be clear is the Creative Clipboards:

1) Lack perspective on anything but the scope of the details which they know
3) Love Email Chains
4) Require every decision to be made in less than 48 hours
5) And because of 1-4 are predetermined to never expand their scope of knowledge beyond what they already know

It's like .. it's like an expert panel of people in useless facts. I'm scared. Also I miss project plans.

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Lilac - Like The Flower said...

Creativity cannot have bounds! the constraints of the excel hurts their fragile minds.

I will say this - our creatives live behind a helpdesk ticket and are managed by militant clipboards. It's a separation of duties - the artist, and the manager.