Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just Do It

This week has been a week of watching people fail to execute the most basic of tasks with accuracy.

  • The cheese council failed used a photo of Laughing Cow triangles in place of artisan gouda in our advertising.
  • The Cheese Blend webinar series coordinators failed to send out the meeting information to the presenters
  • I just got a list of our cheese product offerings that, on its surface, pretends to be complete, but leaves out our entire lactose free line -- and on short notice, I'm being asked to make it right.
  • Entire documents about our cheeses seem to be created without a basic use of our brands. After all the pain it took to name it "Bulbous Blue" and "HaveA Havarti," material is going out without the right names
  • A group of people all alleging to be cheese journalists need from us, again on short notice, an entire article on the foundations of cheese. Oh, and we're paying them to write this article - the one we're sending them
  • Rather than sending me a list of his cheese resellers, one colleague sent me a 20 slide deck on the status of all cheese sales on earth - from which I was meant to extract the list of depots

The ladies of TC spend a lot of time noodling on why the world can't seem to come up with a good strategic plan, write a coherent complete sentence or formulate a tactical plan. This week, I would give my left arm for someone to actually complete the somewhat basic task that is allegedly at the core of their competency.

I can't do everything. I can't be your brain. If you aren't doing your job because you're being obstinate and lazy, you need a kick in the ass or your walking papers. And if you're too stupid to excel at your alleged core competency, you need a demotion and a remedial plan. These aren't stretch goals, people. And this week, I don't have your back.


Kara R said...

Oh, the Cheese have to laugh at them and then wonder: how do they stay in business without losing all their cheese? Or being taken over by an evil similarly cheesy enterprise? Or even: how do they get up every morning and get dressed? These are questions I can't answer. I'm frequently dumbfounded by their lack of cheese knowledge or even worse, their recycled cheese sayings from the 1990's. I'm searching for something pithy to write in conclusion, but I got nothing! Enjoy the crazy, do what you can do and blog the rest.

Shannon C said...

:-( This makes me very, very sad.

Lilac - Like The Flower said...

Kara - I have no idea how the cheese council does it. All I know is that they are staffed by some very tired people.

Shannon - thanks for the support!