Friday, October 21, 2011


As a coda to yesterday's blog regarding half-assed performance, I just realized I was experiencing the flip side:

Someone typically reliable, efficient and effective dropped a ball - or, perhaps more accurately, failed to complete a pass. The new cheese graphic (white, not yellow, to reflect the changing taste of cheese consumers) was not approved by the Bovine Council - and now we're in a rush situation. The cultprit is someone who is rarely half-assed, so the team around him is first asking:

a) Is something wrong with you? Are you okay?
b) Is something wrong with the process that we can fix to make this an easier pass?
c) Did we miss a warning sign?
d) How can we rapidly recover?

It isn't a big snafu - but one that, if you were in the half-assed crowd, would get you panned and your manager alerted. Since this is an anomaly for someone who is usually both effective and well-meaning, it will all get resolved amicably.

Benefit of the doubt. It's the benefit of not engendering doubt.