Friday, October 21, 2011

you know what? ok, fine

I for one found it mostly revolting that a dictator died, and there wasn't an ounce of remorse or humanity shown in his death. Ok sure, yes, the guy was a horrific dictator. But just in terms of him as a person, as a human being, wasn't anyone capable of saying "bless his soul, he was a troubled individual" or something? I watched the reporter from the Independent News try to fight her gleeful smile while reporting his death from Sirte. I read the snarky CNN coverage of his strangest outfits and his Ukranian nurse's sadness. And this is not the first time. First Saddam, now Qaddafi. Had these people no right to be tried at the UN High Court of Crimes like those from Serbia, Rwanda? Had they no right to be treated as leaders of actual nations? Or were they merely to be infantilized, poked fun at, as if they were a dying gladiator on the field of battle? When did the US coopt the UN so fully that vigilante justice became ok, in the eyes of the world stage, for all to see? We should be ashamed, not gleeful.


Lilac - Like The Flower said...

See, I disagree. If you happen to be a violent, sadistic dictator of millions of people for decades, brutal murder seems to be a rather likely end state for you, whether you accept it or not. You've engendered that kind of hate.

And, you can't expect a mob of "freedom fighters" who have all lost relatives and friends to your brutal regime to take you peacefully to a civilized trial in the Hague. Any dictator who managed that outcome was damned lucky -- and probably found a way out of the situation more peacably than to hide in a bunker.

Now, the reveling on the part of one-degree-away news media (CNN, BBC) is different - they haven't lost relatives to this maniacal freak, so a touch more decorum is in order.

But, revenge, particularly when THIS justifiable, is a mighty powerful force. And, I, for one, feel no pity for any certifiable sadistic lunatic who comes to an ill end. You made your bed.

PD said...

Well, I was referring to the Western response to the dictator's death. I am not asking for an angry mob of freedom fighters to show any decorum.