Thursday, November 17, 2011

Doctor's Offices Pet Peeves

Perhaps because I'm a business person I like to see things run professionally. It just scares me when:

The doctor doubles as receptionist.

The receptionist speaks loudly, yells at you and also does not enunciate her words (actually this one has happened multiple times).

The doctor's office requires you to come in-person to fix medical billing errors to talk with some guy named Steve who sits at the second desk around 9 am.

The doctor's office sends you mail indicating your test results are normal, but does not send you the test results.

The doctor's office building also houses a social security office. When you go to your appointment the building has had a major fire and is shut down for 3 weeks.

You have to wait over 45 minutes to see anyone.

Your doctor asks you to try on your glasses frames because they seem like they'd work for her.

They tell you they'll call your scrip in but never do, and when you call back for help, you get the confused run around.



what kind of doctor is this?

PD said...

So many kinds of doctors .. dentists, internal medicine, they are all in brooklyn though